Representation and Reference Lowering of ONNX Models in MLIR Compiler Infrastructure

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Using PyRuntime
Perform Inference Using ONNX-MLIR Runtime API


ONNX Dialect
OMTensor C99 Runtime API
OMTensorList C99 Runtime API
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debug.py - Debug Numerical Errors
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Debugging Numerical Error

Use util/debug.py python script to debug numerical errors, when onnx-mlir-compiled inference executable produces numerical results that are inconsistent with those produced by the training framework. This python script will run the model through onnx-mlir and a reference backend, and compare the intermediate results produced by these two backends layer by layer.



util/debug.py supports the following command-line options:

usage: debug.py [-h] model_path

positional arguments:
  model_path  Path to the model to debug.